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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Earth Keepers - earning the Y and S keys

Some encouraging news from the Institute for Earth education Annual Reportfor 2012 regarding completion by participants of the of Earthkeepers programme.
I have highlighted those sites that are in the UK. As you will see, they are a healthy proportion of the sites world-wide that have achieved these high completion rates.
At each of the following centres, 90% to 100% of their Earthkeepers participants in 2012 earned all four keys to complete the full programme:
Christ Church Grammar School - Kooringal, Dwellingup, Western Australia, Australia
CELP Edgewood Eden Mills, Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Hamilton Wentworth District School Board, Outbound, Waterdown, Ontario, Canada
Upper Grand District School Board, Norwell CELP, Palmerston, Ontario, Canada
YMCA of Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo, St. Clements, Ontario
Garrett Hall Primary School, Tyldesley, Manchester, Lancashire, UK
London Youth Hindleap Warren, Forest Row, East Sussex, UK
My Green World at Folly Farm Centre, Pensford, Bristol, UK
Agua Caliente Park, Tucson, Arizona, USA
Lake Forest Open Lands Association, Lake Forest, Illinois, USA
Teaching Responsible Earth Education (T.R.E.E.), New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
And at these centres, at least 80% of the participants completed the full programme:
Meriharjun luontotalo, Helsinki, Finland
High Down Junior School, Congresbury, North Somerset, UK
Earth Learning Adventures, Fort Gratiot, Michigan, USA
Starflower Experiences, Huntington, New York, USA
IEE do not have returns from all the centres offering Earthkeepers so do let me (and IEE) know what your percentage completion rates are. And if you are struggling to get all your learners to complete the programme then I am sure that foks at the centres which are achieving this would be happy to discuss with you how they do it.
Incidentally I spoke to Bruce Johnson at the recent Real World Learning Conference where he was a keynote speaker and he tells me that IEE plan to produce more materials to support teachers back in school to help their learners carry out their tasks and earn their keys. They plan to use some of the classroom materials which Jon Cree and I wrote for Rangers of the Earth many years ago.
John Rhymer

Earth Education UK Annual Meeting 2013

I just wanted to give you all a brief account of the "earth education UK" AGM and meeting in September.

A number of us met up at the Wild Peak Housing Cooperative in Derbyshire, base for Wild Things and home to Nick (our outgoing Chair) and his partner Kate.

The AGM itself did not occupy too much time while we went through the usual proceedings, during which I inadvertently allowed myself to be elected Chair!

Many thanks to Helen Moore who has continued to hold things together for earth education UK over the past year and to Kate for kindly taking the minutes for the AGM and agreeing to be Secretary for the next year.

After a wonderful shared meal   eaten outdoors in the sunshine we looked at the props which how Wild Things manage to offer earth education programmes in a variety of locations which have public access. There was creative discussion of how The Great Specktackle in particular could be made simpler to set up and run.

We then adjourned to a small nearby woodland to light storm kettles to make tea followed by a magic spot. Further discussion of the work that Wild Things does with schools was accompanied by delicious vegan chocolate and banana pudding.

It was good to meet up with friends,  share experiences and renew energy and enthusiasm for our work in earth education.  Our focus for the next year will be to improve networking for members of earth education and others interested in earth education. We hope that you will all support us in this.
John Rhymer