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Monday, 1 October 2012

Earth Education props

I wonder how many people are put off running earth education activities by the time and effort that it takes to make props? For many of us, hunting down the materials and making our own props is one of the pleasures of being an earth educator. Specially when sitting around with a group of friends, all helping. However, for many of us work seems to be occupying a greater and greater time and time to make props gets less and less. One can buy some items ready made though without those special earth education touches they may lack the magic and clear demonstration of commitment that carefully and lovingly crafted props can demonstrate.
we have created some props that can be bought ready made. Cutting out a class set of 30 colour dabs is quite a pleasant task and the reward comes when the children respond to these lovingly made props. When faced with making hundreds or thousands of colour palettes  every year, then earth education UK has the answer. ready cut palettes which just need the application of double sided tape. Are there any other props which you find hard to source or tedious/difficult to make and which you would be prepared to have someone make for you?

Let us hear your ideas or maybe offers to make props for sale.


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